2017 SuperEnalotto Winner Claims €93.7 Million

Monday 27th Feb 2017

We have a winner. Our 1st winner of 2017 for SuperEnalotto is a single ticket bought in Mestrino which is near Padova. That single ticket claims the whole jackpot of €93.7 Million.

The winning numbers from the jumbo draw were 11, 17, 40, 69, 84 and 85. The Jolly number was 82 and the SuperStar was 62.

Nobody else was able to match all 6 numbers, but a lucky player in Brescia did also get 5 out of 6. They win a not so bad consolation prize of €214,000.

The big winner bought their ticket at the Moreno Market in Mestrino. Michael who partly runs the Moreno Market family store said there was a large number of people locally who bought tickets for SuperEnalotto. But he couldn't confirm if the winner was a local or someone passing through the area. He didn't know if the winner was part of a syndicate group or not. But he did joke that whoever the winner was that they would know where to find him if the prize turned out to be a bit more than they wanted.

It's been a shorter wait for a big winner this time. The last big win we had was 27 October last year. Which is only 39 draws - we've previously had to wait as many as 200 draws between winners. The last big win was the enormous €163.5 million win in Vibo Valentia.

The jackpot for this Tursday's draw has now been reset. It will be €11.9 million. If you want a chance make sure you get a ticket quick. Or consider a SuperEnalotto syndicate if you would like a better chance of beating those rather tough odds.

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