Rocco Cogol's Syndicate Wins SuperEnalotto Jackpot

Saturday 16th March 2013

Italy went wild this week when the SuperEnalotto jackpot of €53.3 was finally claimed by a single ticket winner. An incredible 7 months of rollovers was finally over, and a sydicate of 40 people has now come forward to claim the jackpot.

It's been a long time since we last had a winner - it was as far back as 30th August 2012. So it's a bit of relief all round that the prize has finally been claimed.

The identities of the 40 strong SuperEnalotto syndicate group have not as yet been revealed. But we do know that the ticket was bought in Palazzolo dello Stella, which can be found in the province of Udine, Italy.

But we do know that the owner of the newsstand where the winning ticket was bought is owned by Rocco Cogol. And in an interview with Rocco he revealed that he was actually also the manager of the syndicate that won. The group had been buying tickets together via Rocco's stand for years. Amusingly locals are now referring to Rocco as 'Rocco-fella'.

Each member of the group will receive a very nice payment of €1.25 million after taxes, making them all millionaires. Rocco also said the group used to be much larger at around 100 members - but over the years people gradually dropped out. It's a shame for those players that didn't stick with the group, but you can only win if you pay to play of course.

The other members of the syndicate group are made up of all kinds of people. Some are retirement age, whilst some are as young as in their 20's. And whilst all their lives will be transformed dramatically, the recent economic problems mean that some have been suffering major financial problems. Their money worries are of course now over.

We wish all the syndicate members as well as Rocco the very best.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot has now of course reset again, but is still a very nice €16,500,000 for the next draw which will be Tuesday 19 March 2013.

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